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Our Leadership

Servant Leadership

 OSBC strives to be a servant-led congregation. Servant Leadership is an understanding and practice of leadership that places the good of those led over the self-interest of the leaders. Servant leadership promotes the valuing and development of people, the building of community, the practice of authenticity, the providing of leadership for the good of those led and the sharing of power and status for the common good of each individual, the total Church and those served by the Church.

Our Pastor - Don Hood

Don came to Christ as a teenager and has participated for over 40 years in the various activities of the local Church. He has been a Minister of Music, Director of Education and has served as a Pastor.  January 1 of 2023 He moved to Olney to accept the  pastor's position at OSBC.  He is considered a passionate, dedicated, and seasoned Bible teacher and leader with more than 40 years of extensive experience in biblical teaching, pastoring, leading Bible based ministries and groups. His goal is  to provide solid Bible based shepherding  to ensure that men, women and children are provided with the best quality scriptural education to help them grow intellectually and spiritually so as to achieve their maximum potential in Christ. He continues to be committed to developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ by spending time with people, both young and old, modeling a Christ-honoring lifestyle before them and a hands on approach to help to equip them for areas of service.

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