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What's So Different?

You may have a "sorta" feel for who we are and what we generally believe. But really, we find that when it comes to info, most churches look a lot alike and have a lot of the same stuff going on. What you may really want to know is "why OSBC? What is so special? How are they different? Why should I even be interested? Aren't all Churches the same anyway?"


You're right to ask these questions! We know that there are a lot of churches in the area that you could choose to attend, but we have never thought that we were just one more. We have worked to create an atmosphere free from a lot of Church politics, free from the many of the systems interfering with the heart of ministry.  Open to those that are long time believers and those that are just starting out on their journey. Accepting of the person with knowledge and the skeptic with a lot of questions. We are not perfect, and we know it. We all have a story and many of us walk through life with a limp and scars. We work hard together to understand what the Church should be and to make sure the Church doesn't become too much a business but remains the heart of Christ here on earth and our community, free to carry out real life changing ministry.


We think that Church should be a place that you want to go. A refuge from the hardness of life. A place to learn about Jesus and get the direction you need for transformation. A place filled with fun, real relationships and meaningful worship. We have made the choice to be committed to the teaching of the Word of God even when it might not be popular or difficult to live out. We feel very strongly that the Word God is about more than information. We are convinced that The Word of God is the vehicle that brings about transformation in the life of unbeliever and believer alike.


We are convinced that the more people are converted into the person that God designed them to be, the more impact we can make on our community and even the world.

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